Apollon soon in kde-extragear

Jamethiel Knorth jamethknorth at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 12 04:20:30 GMT 2004

I've been watching this argument about Apollon (one little-tiny-app) for a 
bit here.

Just a suggestion, but: Make a broad-based policy and stick to it.

My recommendation is to state this: KDE supports information transfer 
protocols without prejudice.

Apollon would qualify because all it does is allow you to use a certain 
protocol, so there is no problem.

KMLDonkey might have a problem, because (it's been a while since I looked at 
eDonkey, so I might be wrong) it looks up servers to connect to from one 
list. FastTrack is a single network, so no looking-up of a list occurs. 
However, KMLDonkey without a pre-defined site to pull server-names from 
would just be an interface to a protocol with no prejudice in any way.

In general, it is harder for them to give trouble with a broad, consistent 
policy, and I don't think there should be a huge issue with saying, "We 
support any protocol for transfering information, without prejudice one way 
or another."

Of course, I'd also ask someone at the EFF about what they think. That's a 
lot of what they do.

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