Proposal for KDE 4.0

Luciano Montanaro mikelima at
Wed Aug 18 14:17:51 BST 2004

El Miércoles 18 Agosto 2004 14:54, Pierre Habouzit escribió:
> > > why is that a sickness ??
> > Cannot have two versions in parallel.
> I don't see why, really.
> when kde version x.y is out, any x'.y' version with x<x' or y<y' is not 
> maintained anymore. So there is no reason you would like to run two KDE 
> version on the same box (I mean, productively).

If you have a program that relies on KDE that has not been ported yet, you 
want to have the old KDE around. At least kdelibs...

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