Proposal for KDE 4.0

Pierre Habouzit pierre.habouzit at
Wed Aug 18 13:54:30 BST 2004

> > why is that a sickness ??
> Cannot have two versions in parallel.
I don't see why, really.

when kde version x.y is out, any x'.y' version with x<x' or y<y' is not 
maintained anymore. So there is no reason you would like to run two KDE 
version on the same box (I mean, productively).

then, the question is, do you want to use a stable kde version AND try the 
devel at the same time ... well, there is a solution for that, since you 
are the one compiling the devel version, you do the thing 
with ./configure --prefix /opt/kde-devel/ and then adjust your path and 
that's all.

I does the thing every day for a lot of apps I use daily in their stable 
state, and that I concurently develop ...

> > debian does that too
> That doesn't necessarily make it better.
well, it was only fyi
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