Recommending /usr to distributions for KDE4

Maksim Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Aug 19 23:36:47 BST 2004

> 1) With a distributor provided KDE in /usr it will be more difficult to
> build/use a development version of KDE in parallel (using the _same_ major
> version) since the old KDE version will remain part of $PATH and the
> include
> path of the compiler. Is it actually possible to build development
> versions
> right now on e.g. RedHat or do you need to uninstall RedHat's KDE first?

I've done that on both RedHat[1] and Mandrake, but on both machines no
-devel/header packages were installed. The RH box I only had a user
account, too

[1] Did you know that one can fit a nice subset of KDE that does pretty
much everything in ~70mb in ~?

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