post 3.3 kconfig_xt work

Andrew Stanley-Jones asj-kde-cd at
Thu Aug 12 21:23:28 BST 2004

> > I consider it pretty hard finding people who don't want their applications 
> > to use KConfigXT. 
> I think you're confusing things.  There aren't many people that are opposed to 
> KConfigXT, but that's not the same as actively wanting to port to it.
> I personally don't see any pertinant reason that I would do so in the things 
> that I maintain.  That doesn't mean that I won't at some point if there's 
> something that I need from it, but at the present moment there's not and the 
> current code works well and uses supported APIs.

I have to agree with Scott as the kSirc author.  There are no bugs wrt
to it's config dialog.  (though I'm upto 58 bugs, erg) Until there's
some major benefit, or something I need from it I don't feel like
creating any new bugs that will end up for me to fix, no matter who
does the work.


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