post 3.3 kconfig_xt work

Maks Orlovich mo002j at
Thu Aug 12 21:24:48 BST 2004

On Thursday 12 August 2004 04:08 pm, Frans Englich wrote:
> t making stuff up.
> Can't you convince yourself by you doing the research? I consider it pretty

I am not the one making the argument for usefulness of your proposed changes 
here, and all the profiles I've seen hardly point to KConfig ever being a 
problem. You guys are about to go and touch tons of code. IMHO, you have to 
justify the risks. If you can go and say "here are 6 problems for the user in 
this app which would take changing 1000 LoC to fix, but w/conversion can be 
done easily" --- well, that's great. But if it's "I am gonna touch 500 LoC 
w/o no clear idea of what it'll help" 

> hard finding people who don't want their applications to use KconfigXT.

Well, for starters, lots of apps on the list don't have maintainers. Which 
means: 1) there is noone to object, and 2) if you break something, it'll take 
forever to get fixed.

(All the code I maintain that uses config files use QSettings, BTW, and for a 
good reason, being below the kdecore line). 

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