post 3.3 kconfig_xt work

Maks Orlovich mo85 at
Thu Aug 12 03:20:17 BST 2004

On Wednesday 11 August 2004 08:08 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> I started putting together a small list of apps that don't use KConfig_XT,
> but before making an exostive list, has anyone else done this?  This
> repetative, but simple task might be a good thing to get for JJ.

What bugs do you expect to fix through this process, or features do you expect 
this to implement? I am pretty certain that you don't have a concrete answer 
in mind, so I would like to point out that I consider this a very bad idea 
--- touching essentially working code for no purpose other than abstract 
"cleanups" is bound to introduce bugs. And, well, we don't exactly have a 
shortage of those.

Maks, speaking as a guy who spends way too much of his time reading 

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