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On Wednesday 11 August 2004 10:20 pm, Maks Orlovich wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 August 2004 08:08 pm, Benjamin Meyer wrote:
> > I started putting together a small list of apps that don't use
> > KConfig_XT, but before making an exostive list, has anyone else done
> > this?  This repetative, but simple task might be a good thing to get for
> > JJ.
> What bugs do you expect to fix through this process, or features do you
> expect this to implement? I am pretty certain that you don't have a
> concrete answer in mind, 

- -Some apps have bugs open against them to convert their gui's to ui files for 
many good reasons.
- -Some apps look/behave differently then the rest of kde and have open bugs 
against them for their configure dialog.  I could probably list a few dozen 
user interface reasons ranging from the captions are different, some don't 
have all of the buttons, the buttons don't disable/enable properly, using the 
default kde look for configure dialogs (currently KJanusWidget::IconList), 
- -Better kiosk mode integration, both in disabling widgets that can't be 
changed and in not storing settings when they don't change (A BIG deal when 
you have 2MB per user of default settings for a large number of users or when 
the users all use USB keychains to "login" and store their settings or when 
in distros like knoppix where that is memory being taken to store copies).
- -When using the kconf app to modify the apps having the xml file providing 
much more information is valuable.
- -MUCH Easier to add/remove options to kde applications.
- -Faster startup (due to), less memory usage, and shorter compile times in many 
cases (due to removal of junk code).
- -Reduction duplicate defaults values down to one place, fixing bugs (that 
probably arn't reported, but I always find when apps create the config 
dialogs themselves and have them in four places)

Need more? :D

Converting an app typically removes way way more code than is added by 
kconfigxt and the new code is typically very similar to what most other 
kconfigxt apps use so the amount of custom code/bugs ration goes down.

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