Possible KWin problems

Andras Mantia amantia at freemail.hu
Wed May 28 15:25:35 BST 2003

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On Wednesday 2003 May 28 14:42, Andras Mantia wrote:
> Hi,
>  I have some problems with window management in CVS HEAD (using Keramik
> style).

> 2. (possible related to the above) When I resize/move a window when the
> mouse arrives above another window, that one becomes active and will be
> raised. Of course, I keep pressed the mouse button the whole time. 

I realized that this kind of problem is present almost every time when you use 
the mouse with the left mouse button pressed to perform an action. Some more 
 - scroll with the mouse in Kate and move the mouse cursor above the editor 
window. After a time (while you scroll and keep the button pressed) the 
scrolling is stopped and some text gets selected in the editor
- - the opposite of the above: start to select some text and move the mouse to 
the icon border area while selecting and after some time you will loose the 
- - move a splitter eg. in Konqueror/Gideon/Quanta

and I think the list may continue. Well, I'm not sure anymore. In Kate I saw 
the bug only recently, so in the end it might be a QT 3.2 bug. Can anyone 
reproduce these?


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