Possible KWin problems

Andras Mantia amantia at freemail.hu
Wed May 28 12:42:09 BST 2003

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 I have some problems with window management in CVS HEAD (using Keramik

1. In most cases it's not possible to vertically (including horizontal &
vertical resize at once) resize the windows with the mouse. When the resize
arrow appears, I click, drag, but the window is not resized, instead the
window which is below the mouse pointer will become active and raise.
Sometimes everything works normally, but I think in more than 50% of cases
the bug is visible. When it is, I couldn't even move the window with the
mouse and in some cases the single click on the title-bar is interpreted as

2. (possible related to the above) When I resize/move a window when the mouse
arrives above another window, that one becomes active and will be raised. Of
course, I keep pressed the mouse button the whole time. It is reproducable if
you start to resize the window and you move the mouse to right/left. After a
short period of time, the window won't  be resized anymore, but the window
under the cursor will become active (and the mouse events are sent to that

3. There seems to be some problem with the double-click handling in general 
(but again the wrong behavior is not reproducable every time, but it happens 
quite often). Eg. you click on a menu and quickly after it you click on the 
title-bar and the click on the title-bar is treated as double click.

IIRC, I saw this bug also prior switching to QT 3.2 beta. And I use the
default window behavior/mouse settings with the except of Title-bar
double-click, which is set to Maximize here.


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