dropping kmidi?

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Tue May 27 13:24:05 BST 2003

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On Tuesday May 27, 2003 01:54, Stephan Kulow wrote:
> Hi!
> I need some advise from those that know.
> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=58995 is yet another
> bug for kmidi. There are 19 bug reports for it and I can't
> see any activity in the code base since 2000.
> I'd like to move to kdenonbeta. Is there any reason to keep
> it I don't see? I played my last midi file in the last century,
> so I can't say ;(

I say put kmidi maintainership on the jobs file, and let the word spread 
around that if nobody takes over and shapes it up, kmidi will be dropped.  
If the first 3.2 beta comes and nobody does start caring for it, drop it.

Why wait so long?  Software synth allows everyone to use it, but kmid's 
dependence on hardware makes it less generally useful.  So I suppose if 
someone slapped some optional software synth into kmid, then we'd be fine, 
too. :-)
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