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For those that like purty pictures like me some new screenshots: 

And now the fun text:

For the last two weeks or so I have been pounding away on KAudioCreator after 
not working on it for a good six months or so do to other duties.  The shear 
amount of changes I figured would warent this e-mail.  Refactoring would be a 
good word to use.

1) KAudioCreator no longer requires cdparinoia to build or run, but now uses 
the libwm from kscd.  In the process the bug ridden old messy class from 
audiocd has been removed.  This helps in the porting of the applications to 
OS's other then Linux (and the countless linux header ifdefs).  Probably the 
best part about this is that KAudioCreator will automaticly know when you 
insert/remove a cd.

2) In grand eating my own dog food style I have converted KAudioCreator to use 
KAutoConfigDialog (and in the process enhanced KAutoConfigDialog to handle 
lists).  In the process I was able to remove a number of unneeded classes.

3) Added the FLAC encoder and revamped the encoder list interface so that 
users can on the fly add/remove/edit encoders from the GUI itself.  This will 
lead down the line to possibly a plugin interface for encoders and gui 
configure (currently configure is just a command line string edit box)

4) I have gone through and fixed all but one bug and the majority of the 
wishes on bugs.kde.org

5) The cd drive is now configurable on the main screen so the user can open 
multiple copies and rip from different drives.

6) With the new cddb library in kdemultimedia I have taken advantage of it and 
incorporated its configure dialog into KAudioCreator's for easy access to the 

7) I have added the ability with regular expresions's to replace anything in 
the file name.  (the most common is to replace all spaces with underlines, 
but with the regexp you can do just about anything. )

With all of these goodies I am finally happy enough (after more then a year) 
to say that the current version in cvs is 0.99 (giving it a week or two 
before I call it 1.0).  The reason being that now only builds upon other 
componants (audiocd:/,  libkcddb, libwm).  Let me know of any major 
requests/problems that you have.

- -Benjamin Meyer

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