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On Wednesday 16 April 2003 6:17 am, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> On Wednesday 16 April 2003 11:51, Luis Pedro Coelho wrote:
> > In my local copy of the apidocs (generated by doxygen) it is ok. The copy
> > online says it was done by kdoc. I think maybe the online docs should be
> > regenerated using doxygen or are there any reasons not to?
> It seems that there was general agreement on this so I'll probably try to
> move them over shortly.  The one thing I've been waiting on is finding
> somebody to bug about how they're stored.  Currently the docs are all kept
> in CVS, which seems a bit silly.  We don't really need version history for
> 100 MB of auto-generated files.
> So, sysadmin folks -- what are your thoughts on just setting up a directory
> for this on ktown?  This would also make it easier for me to script
> something to update the CVS API docs (probably just using rsync over SSH).

Just curius what was currently going on with this because the old docs are 
still up.

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