New Classes KTabBar and KTabWidget for kdelibs

Zack Rusin zack at
Wed May 21 03:14:06 BST 2003

On Friday 16 May 2003 17:45, Stephan Binner wrote:

> now that qt-copy contains Qt 3.2 Beta 1 which adds support in
> QTabWidget for custom widgets to be placed beside the tab bar, I want
> to ask for opinions about KTabBar and KTabWidget as contained in
> kdenonbeta/testwidgets/tab and want to propose them to be added to
> kdelibs/kdeui. KTab* extends QTabWidget and makes most things
> possible I listed on this list some time ago, notable:
>  - Close buttons within each tabs shown on hovering the icon
> (#46726). - Allow to rearrange tabs with middle mouse button
> (#50747). - Allow Drag and Drop of objects/urls to or from a tab
> (#41853). - Allow Drag and Drop of objects to empty tab space for new
> tab (#50747). - Allow to react to double-click and middle-click on
> tab (#48417). - Colorable tabs (for e.g. showing load/read state of a
> web page). - Tab context menus and context menu for space besides tab
> bar.
> There is a prog in kdenonbeta/testwidgets/tab/test2 demonstrating all
> this.

What's the state of this? Stephan, maybe simply moving those files from 
kdenonbeta/testwidgets/tab to kdelibs/kdeui would be a better idea 
since we'd keep history that way. 
I'd love to finally see those widgets in kdelibs. I'd love to make konqy 
fly with them ;)


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