Common string encryption

Thiago Macieira thiagom at
Tue May 20 09:23:25 BST 2003

Michael Goffioul wrote:
>Is there a string encryption mechanism available in kdelibs. I want
>to store a password in a config file (upon request from the user, like
>in kmail), but I want to avoid to store it in clear form. A basic
>encryption would increase security a little bit. If if doesn't exist,
>this could be an addition to KStringHandler class. What do you think?

If you can use a one-way encryption or hash, it would be best, since the 
original password could not be retrieved from the written data. If you really 
need to store a password, then I'd suggest waiting a couple of months to see 
how far along KWallet comes.

I don't think this is the time to start writing encryption stuff into the core 
libraries if we are going to have an engine to handle passwords efficiently 
in the near future.

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