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Sun May 18 17:39:41 BST 2003

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On Saturday 17 May 2003 16:30, Datschge wrote:
> Christoph Cullmann:
> > qextmdi allready supports some toplevel mode for all views, which look
> > much like the "controlled sdi mode" out of our current styleguide. the
> > whole window manager stuff can be nicely hidden into qextmdi backend
> > later if done, or ?
> Possibly, but that's somethink which should be cleared up with Lunos Lunak
> first instead done independently. Otherwise we first make the existing MDI
> implementations consistent moving all of them to qextmdi first and later it
> need to be changed again to avoid a curious MDI within MDI situation.
As nor quanta or kdevelop (and even other kde apps) can't rely on kwin usage,
the switch to use qextmdi as common backend now is just right imho. If Lubos
had some time to look at what can be done better in kwin directly, qextmdi
can be modified internally to fallback on the support provided by kwin (if
kwin is running) and if not, do it itself (as atm).

>Why not? For example Kate could easily look like Kwrite when opening only one
>file and offer to go MDI when multiple files are opened. More complex
>programs can do similar things, suggesting every feature as soon as it
>actually make sense to have it. My suggestion to start an application in SDI
>mode first doesn't mean that existing features should crippled, they should
>just be deactivated initially and show up with the time instead confronting
>the user with the whole range of possibilities right from the start. And
>those who are used to all of them already will have all of them activated
>right from the start anyway.
Hmm, if kate/kdevelop/quanta has only one file opened, they are sdi, how could
they be mdi with one document open ? That they not only show the plain file,
but some toolviews/tabs around it is no mdi/sdi issue, that is a problem of
the provided functionality. Which tooviews/... should be on per default is a
usability question but not sdi<->mdi question.


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