Moving QExtMDI to kdelibs

Datschge datschge at
Sat May 17 15:30:59 BST 2003

Christoph Cullmann:
> qextmdi allready supports some toplevel mode for all views, which look much 
> like the "controlled sdi mode" out of our current styleguide. the whole 
> window manager stuff can be nicely hidden into qextmdi backend later if
> done, or ?

Possibly, but that's somethink which should be cleared up with Lunos Lunak 
first instead done independently. Otherwise we first make the existing MDI 
implementations consistent moving all of them to qextmdi first and later it 
need to be changed again to avoid a curious MDI within MDI situation.

> And to enforce SDI as default mode for kdevelop/quanta/kate/...
> is not realistic (looking at how the apps work and what they want to archive
> and last but not least usability wise, 100 opened editor windows while
> working in kdevelop won't be that nice per default, or ?) and not wanted by
> the devs of that apps, or I am wrong here ?

Why not? For example Kate could easily look like Kwrite when opening only one 
file and offer to go MDI when multiple files are opened. More complex 
programs can do similar things, suggesting every feature as soon as it 
actually make sense to have it. My suggestion to start an application in SDI 
mode first doesn't mean that existing features should crippled, they should 
just be deactivated initially and show up with the time instead confronting 
the user with the whole range of possibilities right from the start. And 
those who are used to all of them already will have all of them activated 
right from the start anyway.

Regards, Datschge

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