[Patch] #29984 Change file permission using octal numbers

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Fri May 16 12:51:55 BST 2003


Am Freitag, 16. Mai 2003 13:42 schrieb Thiago Macieira:
> Dominik Seichter wrote:
> >> *) Most of them don't care to learn octal notation
> >
> >They don't need to, because they do not change permissions at all, like
> > you stated above.
> Even using the widget, they don't have to know what octal is. All they will
> see are numbers changing. And I believe most people that get interested by
> it will see the association between numbers and checkboxes: 2 for write, 1
> for execute, etc.
> And they won't have a problem unless they start writing random numbers in
> there, containing 8s, 9s or more than 4 digits.
It is a KRestrictedLine with maxLength set to 4 and only "01234567" allowed. 
So the user can enter invalid numbers. If he enters only eg. "44" it will be 
interpreted as "0044".

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