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Cédric Brégardis cedric.bregardis at free.fr
Thu May 15 11:46:37 BST 2003


I made some modification of ksystraycmd and I sent the changed version to 
Richard Moore. Richard respond the message attached with this mail. That's 
why I send this message.

After I sent my changed version to Richard I made other modifications. So I 
now send you the last version with this mail. Here is the resume of the 
modifications :

I add a new option (--ownicon) to always have the ksystraycmd icon in the 
systray instead of the icon of the target window. It can be useful if the 
window's icon is ugly and can't be changed with the classical kde option (eg 
: gkrellm which is a gtk application and don't know the --icon option). This 
option should be use with the standard "--icon" kde option to specify the 
ksystraycmd --icon /home/cedric/gkrellm.png --ownicon /usr/bin/gkrellm2

I add the option --ontop which put the window always on top. (I wanted to have 
gkrellm2 always on top, but the integrated option didn't worked, and kstart 
used with ksystraycmd can't do that either)
ksystraycmd --ontop /usr/bin/gkrellm2

Now the position of the window is memorized when the window is hidden and 
restored when the window is restored. I add XMoveWindow( qt_xdisplay(), win, 
left, top) just after XMapWindow( qt_xdisplay(), win ). Then the window is 
drawn and moved AFTER. So, the window flick, but it is really important i 
think to memorized the position.

When the window is hidden and we ask to "quit" in the contextual menu, it 
doesn't work, because the "closeWindowRequest" must be send to a window, and 
there is no window (since it is hidden !). So I restaure the window with 
XMapWindow( qt_xdisplay(), win ) just before the "closeWindowRequest", and it 

The contextual menu now show "Restore" and "Hide" correctly (I hope). There 
were problems with --startonshow and --quitonhide.

If the options --startonshow and --hidden are used together then when we 
activate the window by clicking on the systray or by choosing "restore" in 
the menu, the window is shown. The "--hidden" option prevented this, and i 
think it doesn't make sense (since with the --startonshow the window is 
already hidden in the beggining).

The option --quitonhide now works with the contextual menu and not only with 
the mouse click.

When ksystraycmd was launched without command and we asked to quit it didn't 
work. Now it should quit correctly.

Thank you,
Cédric Brégardis

PS : I don't speek english very well, so you could have to change my comments 
in the code.
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