KDE 3.2 release cycle

Mosfet dan.duley at verizon.net
Mon May 12 02:36:15 BST 2003


Well, as always the people actually doing the coding know best. My comments 
are based on the fact that I haven't had a crash since upgrading to CVS HEAD 
and people seem to really like when there is development preview releases. 
These generate a lot of buzz even if they are clearly marked as just a 
development snapshot. Unlike weekly updates they get long, impressive 
changelogs and cool screenshots ;-) I believe it would be a good thing if we 
occasionally grabbed a snapshot, listed what has changed, did some 
screenshots, and released development previews. They don't have to be as 
stable or complete as KDE's regular releases. It's just a developer snapshot 
to show off what has been done so far. Contrary to what actually has been 
going on in CVS people are already saying KDE is falling behind in 
development speed because they don't see all the changes that have happened, 
(ie: some non-KDE people on the dot, people on osnews where knowing what your 
talking about isn't a requirement, etc... ;-). This happens all the time when 
we're early in the development cycle: people say KDE is falling behind and 
then crap their pants when there is finally a release ;-) Doing developer 
snapshots would help keep people up to date.

Nonetheless, I usually just use KMail w/SMTP and POP3, Konq, and Konsole so of 
course there are lots of issues the developers know that I don't. From my 
perspective it seems pretty stable, tho, and has a lot of new features I 
think people will drool over. Just the fact that as I type this mail inline 
spellchecking has marked my errors is pretty darn cool >:) The apps I mainly 
use, KMail and Konq, have already had significant improvements.

I know people want to do things like merge KWallet and Kopote, etc... but even 
as CVS stands now I think there could be a development preview. There is 
going to be so much new stuff in KDE3.2 it's not really a point release - 
it's more like a major upgrade that your just calling KDE3.2 because you want 
to wait for Qt4 before releasing a KDE4.

Anyways, of course this is just my opinion, but I think it's something that 
should be seriously considered. I know KDE developers as a whole don't really 
concern themselves about things like "buzz", but I think we can already 
generate quite a bit with what has already been implemented.


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