KDE 3.2 release cycle

Mosfet dan.duley at verizon.net
Sun May 11 17:14:45 BST 2003

Okay, I know everyone is talking about this, but I also think the KDE3.2 
release date needs to be moved up. I've been using CVS HEAD and at least for 
what I am using it is quite stable and has more than enough new functionality 
to justify a new release. I know there is a ton of things people want to do 
but 3.2 is just a minor point release, not KDE4.0. I'm rather impressed with 
what has been done already, esp in regards to Konqueror and Kontact/KMail.

The reasoning for this is while we all know what is going on and how much 
things are improving users generally don't. So we look like a slow turtle 
compared to other projects that do, (unofficial), releases with long 
changelogs every couple months. Development has been impressive, we should 
show it off either with unofficial releases or by doing stable releases more 
often. We are not very far from something that could be a stable release, but 
even doing an unofficial release would be an improvement from the current 
process, which is a long wait between KDE3.1 and 3.2. Just expecting people 
to use CVS is not enough, they want snapshots with changelogs, screenshots, 
and other goodies. Even if the project just grabbed a CVS snapshot that is 
determined to be relatively stable and released it with a changelog and 
documentation, that would be an improvement.

I'd think the issues that would need to be cleared up first would be the 
contact management and groupware stuff, KHTML, and all the desktop file 
changes. After that it would be good for the project to do a unofficial 
development release at the minimum. 

Just my 2c, please CC me if you reply since I'm not on this list.

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