Apparently compile problems with RedHat 9

Martijn Klingens klingens at
Sun May 11 16:41:28 BST 2003

We have some people reporting Kopete build problems on RedHat 9, and I need 
some help in judging the various comments.

Lacking the required knowledge on the build system I hope someone here can 
help out.

Looks like RedHat 9's default installation makes it impossible to compile 
_any_ KDE application because of a missing or broken libart installation.

I think it's better to have the configure check for a proper libart somewhere, 
but I don't know enough about autotools and build systems to judge what 
exactly is needed.

See this mail from Jef Oliver and the rest of the thread:

What exactly should we do with this? Seems to me we need a configure check in 
admin/ rather than Kopete's source tree as this seems to affect all apps, but 
I'm not 100% sure. Any advice for me?

No, Kopete doesn't use Kerberos directly :)

But kssl's includes include openssl headers, and those include kerberos stuff, 
which in turn cause a Kopete build to fail because of the includes being in a 
place not being searched.

See this mail from Robert Williams for details:

(Ignore the part about the applnk-redhat stuff - I have *no* idea what to 
think about that, so for now I leave it up to the people building on that 
platform to figure it out. I doubt it's KDE's job to add configure checks for 

Back to kerberos: is there anyone who can comment on what actions are needed? 
My first guess is that here too a configure check needs to be added directly 
to admin/ and not to Kopete itself, but I need more advice to be sure.

Any help is appreciated :)


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