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Sun May 4 09:04:01 BST 2003

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On Saturday 03 May 2003 22:08, Lauri Watts wrote:
> [...]
> V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.1 will work on 3.1 and HEAD (and 3.2 and probably
> further)
> V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.0 will work on KDE 3.0.x
> Version 4.2 will work in HEAD and further on.  Documents, that are released
> separately from KDE, and need to work on KDE 3.1, should use the "V4.1.2
> Based Variant 1.1" version.
> The actual documents are completely forward compatible. Documentation that
> needs to work on all of KDE 3.0.x, 3.1.x, and future versions is where the
> problem currently is. [...]

That sounds strange to me. When releasing kdeaccessibility 1.0 I tested some 
doctypes so that it works with both KDE 3.0, 3.1 and HEAD.

The doctype "V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.1" does only work on 3.1 and HEAD, the 
doctype "V4.1-Based Variant V1.0" does only work on 3.0, but the doctype 
"V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.0" seemed to work with both.

Did I do something wrong in this tests? Or did it change recently in HEAD? 
("V4.1.2-Based Variant V1.0" does compile with the 3.1 branch).

Gunnar Schmi Dt
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