Piotr Szymanski djurban at redfox.pl
Tue Mar 25 19:26:59 GMT 2003

Julian Rockey (Monday 24 of March 2003 18:33)
> Is there a current maintainer for the dcoppython bindings? If not, I
> volunteer to adopt it, as I want to do stuff.
At last someone interested in kdebindings, could you tell me whether dcopc 
works for you Simon Hausmann told me it does not work due to some changes and 
dcop and now it cant register, seeing as dcoppython depends on dcopc (last 
time I checked :], if Im wrong ignore this) it might seem important.
Although still should you find  some time to fix dcopc I would be most 
thankful :)
Piotr Szymanski
djurban at redfox.pl

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