Julian Rockey linux at jrockey.com
Tue Mar 25 21:47:52 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 25 Mar 2003 7:26 pm, Piotr Szymanski wrote:
> Julian Rockey (Monday 24 of March 2003 18:33)
> > Is there a current maintainer for the dcoppython bindings? If not, I
> > volunteer to adopt it, as I want to do stuff.
> At last someone interested in kdebindings, could you tell me whether dcopc
> works for you Simon Hausmann told me it does not work due to some changes
> and dcop and now it cant register, seeing as dcoppython depends on dcopc
> (last time I checked :], if Im wrong ignore this) it might seem important.
> Although still should you find  some time to fix dcopc I would be most
> thankful :)
I have not tried dcopc recently. (Recently? er.. I mean, ever) dcoppython does 
not depend on dcopc (unless I have missed something important - what made you 
think it depends on dcopc?) - it uses the C++ DCOPClient class directly.
I might have a go at getting dcopc working if I have some spare time and feel 
like fiddling with C, but at the moment I'm focussing on Python.

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