A test suite for dcop

George Staikos staikos at kde.org
Mon Mar 17 22:58:30 GMT 2003

On Monday 17 March 2003 17:42, Luis Pedro Coelho wrote:
> Le Jeudi 13 Mars 2003 12:29, Luis Pedro Coelho a écrit :
> > Le Mardi 11 Mars 2003 15:07, Oswald Buddenhagen a écrit :
> > > post the code or upload it to a web page. there's little point in
> > > checking in code somewhere just to be moved in a few days/weeks.
> > > also note that the tests/ directories usually are not compiled anyway,
> > > so nobody will clobber you if you commit not entirely mature code.
> I am now commiting this to CVS under kdelibs/dcop/tests. The code in CVS is
> a bit better than the code I had posted.
> Right now, it requires manually editing the Makefile.am bellow in order for
> it to be compiled. So it shouldn't mess up anything (yet :).

  Speaking of this, the dcop IDL stuff compresses templates a bit too 
aggressively.  Foo< Bar<Frop> > gets compressed to Foo<Bar<Frop>> which gives 
a warning with my gcc.  This is evident in the korganizer code.  Anyone have 
a suggestion on how to fix this and not break things? :)


George Staikos

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