A test suite for dcop

Luis Pedro Coelho luis_pedro at netcabo.pt
Mon Mar 17 23:09:35 GMT 2003

Le Lundi 17 Mars 2003 23:58, George Staikos a écrit :
>   Speaking of this, the dcop IDL stuff compresses templates a bit too
> aggressively.  Foo< Bar<Frop> > gets compressed to Foo<Bar<Frop>> which
> gives a warning with my gcc.  This is evident in the korganizer code.
>  Anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this and not break things? :)

I am working on it. I started looking at that bug and decided to write a test 
suite to automate testing since I kept typing the same few commands and got 
tired of it.

In fact, the problem seems to be that "dcop", the shell client, is cannot 
handle any complicated template arguments. The ">>" is a hack which makes it 
work on some cases, but not all. I have mostly rewritten the offending code 
and I will post back, when I get my code to pass my own test suite :)

Luis Pedro Coelho


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