Replace KcmFontinst with kio_fonts

George Staikos staikos at
Sun Mar 16 20:03:22 GMT 2003

On Sunday 16 March 2003 14:17, Vadim Plessky wrote:
> |  Yup I agree - if all systems and apps are using Fontconfig. As this does
> | both fontconfig, and standard X - what's the harm? It makes exisiting and
> | older apps work.
> We would (should) require XFree86 4.3.0 for KDE 3.2 release, as you won't
> get latest XRENDER and XCursors otherwise (not speaking about RandR)
> As FC is natural part of XF 4.3.0, I don't see how you can avoid installing
> it.

    That's impossible.  Not all platforms even have XFree86, let alone the 
fact that upgrading XFree86 just isn't always possible.


George Staikos

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