glib in kdesupport: yes or no?

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Wed Mar 12 13:59:29 GMT 2003

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On Tuesday March 11, 2003 11:25, Marc Mutz wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 March 2003 17:46, Neil Stevens wrote:
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> > I'm hinting at the things Havoc has listed.  The things Stefan wants
> > us to do, glib in arts being the first step of.
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> The Gnome-and-KDE-become-one stuff? Well, that's the personal opinion of
> STW. Since then, the discussion has rather more evolved into
> what-can-Gnome-and-KDE-share. And there's no need to run around
> panic-stricken and proclaiming the end of KDE, since
> 1. You and all the other Gnome-takes-over-KDE-cantyerseeit's won't be
> the ones burdening themselves with implementing the stuff anyway
> 2. The common standards that were defined up to now didn't make KDE nor
> Gnome lose their individuality
> 3. Even if they did, you could be sure that you could configure your KDE
> so that it keeps looking like KDE 3.0.
> 4. Users probably want it (common DnD protocol, common clipboard
> protocol, common WM protocol, why shouldn't there a common IPC
> protocol?)
> If you don't like the way the standards work or you want
> them to be more KDEish, stop whining and join the respective mailing
> lists.
> This, BTW, holds for everyone and every standards body (except ISO,
> perhaps). If you have an interest in an evolving standard, join the
> working group, don't complain only if it's finished.

Your suggestion pre-supposes that KDE will obey the dictates of these 
groups, whic\ means that even fewer KDE decisions will be made on KDE 
lists where KDE people can see them.

Might as well drop the whole pretense that KDE is an open project.

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