Confirm bugs! (Was: Re: About 3.2 - note to bugfixers)

Volker Augustin volker.augustin at
Sat Mar 8 16:19:51 GMT 2003

> <wild idea>
> Maybe we need a QA team? Not a highly organized team. Just a group of
> people that spent some free time helping the developers to manage the bug
> database. There seems to be always some people that like to help out but
> can't program nor have the language skills to write documentation or to
> translate the applications. So this could be a task for those people.
> Needed Skills:
> ---------------
> - compile KDE from source
> - read kde-cvs and kde-bugs-dist
> Tasks:
> -------
> - confirm bugs (that they exists or that they are fixed)
> - add information, backtraces, testcases to bug reports
> - test new features or bug fixes
> </wild idea>
> What do you think? How could we get people to do this?

What exactly is the purpose of kde-bugs-dist? Is it also for discussion of 
bugs? If not it might make sense to set up a new mailing list for 
discussing and investigating bug reports only.
I've done a bit of this last year before I started working and I think I 
could spend more time on this in the future. However, a mailing list for 
this would help greatly (as it also makes visible who is actively 
participating in this issue).
I already made an effort to get bug #40636 confirmed last week as this one 
has been around at least since KDE 2.0. I reported it on 2002-04-10 and 
it's still unconfirmed... )


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