Spell checking (was: Re: Upon a fresh install ofKDE..)

Diego Iastrubni iastrubn at actcom.co.il
Tue Jun 24 07:04:48 BST 2003

ביום שלישי, 24 ביוני 2003, 03:25, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez כתב:
> I think that it would be great to combine that with some sort of
> auto-caching of the language with respect to the "To" field. Everyone
> usually writes the same people in the same language. For example, I always
> write to kde-core-devel in english, but to some of my friends in spanish,
> so it should autoselect the language depending on who am I sending the
> mail to.
> After writing this, I realised you were talking about konqy, but I was
> talking about kmail, so I'll Cc: the kmail team :-)
> > Yes, this mail is spell checked - in Swedish :-)
> Hehe, yes, that's a problem of the current system.
Some of us also need another spell checker engine for each language, for 
example hebrew needs _only_ hspell. 


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