Spell checking (was: Re: Upon a fresh install ofKDE..)

Antonio Larrosa Jiménez larrosa at kde.org
Tue Jun 24 01:25:57 BST 2003

El Tuesday 24 June 2003 00:42, Roger Larsson escribió:
> >
> > Have I mentioned the off button yet? :) :)
> Could this be combined with simple language selection?
> (RMB submenu (drop down list in the tool):
>  Off, English, Swedish, ... [preselected list])

I think that it would be great to combine that with some sort of 
auto-caching of the language with respect to the "To" field. Everyone 
usually writes the same people in the same language. For example, I always 
write to kde-core-devel in english, but to some of my friends in spanish, 
so it should autoselect the language depending on who am I sending the 
mail to.

After writing this, I realised you were talking about konqy, but I was 
talking about kmail, so I'll Cc: the kmail team :-)

> Yes, this mail is spell checked - in Swedish :-)

Hehe, yes, that's a problem of the current system.


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