"International Domain Names" support in KDE

Thiago Macieira thiagom at wanadoo.fr
Fri Jun 20 22:28:09 BST 2003

Krall, Gary wrote:
>I wanted to check in with you to hear how things are coming with your work
>to integrate the IDN support into KDE.  Netscape has completed their
>integration both into Mozilla 1.4 and Netscape 7.1 (which is scheduled to be
>announced at the end of this month).


the IDN support in KDE (all of it ;->) is complete to the best of my 
knowledge. The support is enabled in our CVS for the upcoming KDE 3.2, with 
simple patches to our URL object and to lower-level protocols like HTTP.

However, I am not sure how far the testing has gone. We don't seem to have 
problems with normal URLs and my own testing with Konqueror has shown that 
IDN works.

Along with that, I'm currently working with TrollTech in order to move this 
support from the KDE libraries into their Qt. We should then incorporate 
Verisign's Xcode library (which is licensed BSD) that you've been kind enough 
to provide. The support would then be available for all Qt applications, not 
just KDE. However, even though the framework for that is ready, this is a 
future project.

>Verisign is planning on an announcement with Netscape and depending upon
>your efforts it might make sense to mention your work as well.  Our
>objective is clearly to make the market aware of the various efforts

We would be glad to be mentioned. Our support is there for when IDN is 
available for real. We just need more testing with non-ASCII domains to make 
sure all is working.

>I am also cc'ing Don Melton on this email who is the Safari Engineering
>Manager at Apple.  In the past I have exchanged email with him and provided
>him with the same SDK but I thought he might find of interest the work you
>are doing as well.

Hello Don,
please contact me if you need detailed information on what the changes were. 
But in all, there were actually few of them, mostly in the underlying 
libraries, not Konqueror or KHTML itself.

I've taken the liberty of Cc'ing kde-core-devel in this mail. I hope this will 
elicit a few more testers.

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