KDE 3.2 release plan notice

Stefan Gehn sgehn at gmx.net
Thu Jun 19 20:05:18 BST 2003


On Wednesday June 18 2003 09:33, Daniel Stone wrote:
> I think Kopete-in-kdenetwork can pretty safely be axed; two developers
> quit, at least 4 seem to have absolutely no time to work on it, and I
> struggle to use HEAD for day-to-day IM, despite knowing the bugs, and
> how to work around them. I honestly can't see this improving by
> September 1st.

please note the following things:
- Daniel left kopete-development so I think it's a bit weird to see him 
speaking for the Kopete-team
- The second person leaving development actually wasn't involved very deeply 
into libkopete or protocol coding so it didn't really harm development
- Jabber-protocol has two developers, one currently got health problems though 
(rsi in both wrists, I guess everybody knows what that means)

Actually I can agree with the statement that Kopete probably won't make it 
into 3.2 (! that's my point of view, other Kopete devels don't think so!) but 
I doubt that the situation won't get any better until September.
We're currently trying hard to find new developers that have more time and 
better health and we're trying to get the inactive ones active again (let's 
see if Chris reads this *g*).

Bye, Stefan aka mETz
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