[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Cervisia maintainer

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Sat Jun 14 14:03:23 BST 2003

Hello everbody,

A few days ago, I asked Bernd Gehrmann, if I could be a Co-Maintainer for 
Cervisia to make it official e.g. that users can also ask me about problems
with it.

Now Bernd admitted that he has neither the time nor the muse to work on 
Cervisia. So he asked me, if I could take over the maintainer seat and I 
gladly accepted. That means Cervisia is alive and kicking. :-)

I hope, with the help of André Wöbbeking, to be able to further improve and 
extend Cervisia functionality and stability. Besides I also hope you will 
write a lot of wishes and bug reports so that Cervisia will become *the app* 
for KDE developers to access cvs.kde.org.

I like to thank Bernd for his trust in me and for this great GUI frontend to 

cu in Nove Hrady!



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