short on power and leving for a while

Holger Freyther freyther at
Mon Jun 16 07:25:30 BST 2003

Hi all, Cornelius,
Taking Cortison and AntiBiotics for over 6 month finally show results I spent 
the last days. So all my tasks are done ( I passed the German Abitur ) and 
now it is time for me to get rid of the stoma bags on my belly and to get a 
decent operation.
I will go into hospital on the Monday 23rd and will stay they're from two to 
xyz weeks to get my coltis operated. In December I had so much complications 
that I spent the whole January and most of February with operations so no 
forecast on when I'm done.

So people scared to commit into my code at kdelibs/kdepim feel free to commit. 
It would be nice if you coul leave me a message so I can find my way back 
more easily.

Once I'm back from the intensive care I'll hopefully have dial up access 

regards Holger
Holger 'zecke' Freyther
Project OPIE- the Open Palmtop Integrated Environment | (german)
IRC: #opie
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