Kicker clock applet config dialog

Daniel Stone dstone at
Mon Jun 16 11:44:13 BST 2003

Hi all!
As we all know, the Kicker clock applet config dialog was recently
rewritten to, well, not suck. There were two implementations of this -
Ben's implementation[1], which is currently in CVS, and is very sexy
and nice using KAutoConfigDialog, and clee's implementation[2], which
was first floated in the Dot announcement[3], which is IMO the better
one. While it doesn't use KACD, it is, IMO, infinitely more usable. In
fact, the only two changes I'd make to that are:
  * s/Fuzziness/Accuracy/
  * s/Show Frame/Draw Border/

What do you all think? Personally, I'd love to see clee's implementation
(the .ui file[4] is also available) merged into CVS, as it's far more
usable and clean - which was the goal of Ben's rewrite.


:) d


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