moving kdenonbeta/librss to kdenetwork/librss

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Mon Jun 9 11:03:22 BST 2003

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> Im all for DCOP RSS being moved to kdenetwork.  Ferich, how far is it away
> from being ready in your opinion?  Have we worked out all of the issues on
> searching with syndic8?  Can we live without those while we port KNT and
> Kontact to it?
> Tobias, I know you love my dcopservices, wanna use another one? ;)
> The advantage of dcoprss over plain librss is that if you are running KNT,
> and Kontact at once, maby along with the RSS sidebar, you might tick off a
> network admin reloading the same RSS file 3+ times in a row.  DCOP RSS
> provides a central way to search/manage and update RSS feeds and will keep
> server load down.
> So far the konqi sidebar uses it, but I think the dcop portion of the API
> is close enough to usable for most projects.

I also think that applications shouldn't access librss but use the DCOP 
service instead. Especially for the reasons Ian pointed out.
In fact I vote for not installing anything from librss at all. Instead the  
DCOP service should link statically against ist, no?

> Just my 2c
+ 2c equal 4c in total.

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