moving kdenonbeta/librss to kdenetwork/librss

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Mon Jun 9 04:47:45 BST 2003

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On Sunday 08 June 2003 11:08 pm, Frerich Raabe wrote:
> On Monday 09 June 2003 05:03, Ian Reinhart Geiser wrote:
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> > On Sunday 08 June 2003 09:15 pm, Frerich Raabe wrote:
> > > On Monday 09 June 2003 03:05, Tobias Koenig wrote:
> > > > I use the librss, which handels RSS/RDF files, from kdenonbeta for
> > > > a new newsticker plugin in kontact. This lib is stable as far as I
> > > > can see and maintained by frerich.
> > > > So are there any objections concerning moving it to kdenetwork?
> > >
> > > I remember that Ian has something in his pipe ("DCOP RSS") which uses
> > > librss as well though, maybe kdenetwork is inconvenient for him and he
> > > has a better place in mind?
> >
> > Im all for DCOP RSS being moved to kdenetwork.  Ferich, how far is it
> > away from being ready in your opinion?  Have we worked out all of the
> > issues on searching with syndic8?  Can we live without those while we
> > port KNT and Kontact to it?
> I have no idea about Kontact's requirements, but right now the DCOP RSS
> service is not up to KNewsTicker's needs. In particular, browsing the
> existing feeds takes very very long (try the feedbrowser testcase). AFAICS,
> the service works well for programs which already know which services they
> (might) have to query though.
Hrm, Im not sure how Kontact manages feeds yet, but im assuming that we will 
all want to use the same "pool" of rss feeds.  Maby not.  All that is missing 
is the cacheing right?

> How mature the DCOP RSS thing is, is an independant question though. If you
> are ok with having librss in kdenetwork, and nobody voices objections, then
> we can move librss to kdenetwork, have Tobias' Kontact plugin use it, and
> decide whether to make KNT use librss or DCOP RSS or a crystal ball which
> reports tomorrow's news.
Well, I guess Im more keen on getting DCOP RSS ready for general use, than 
going with strait librss, but Im not sure anyone other than the webmasters 
will care much at this point.  Although it would be cool to have a central 
RSS service ;)

> > The advantage of dcoprss over plain librss is that if you are running
> > KNT, and Kontact at once, maby along with the RSS sidebar, you might tick
> > off a network admin reloading the same RSS file 3+ times in a row.  DCOP
> > RSS provides a central way to search/manage and update RSS feeds and will
> > keep server load down.
> Darn, I was just about to get the hang of slashdotting slashdot. :^)
Well and the guys at :)

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