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Mon Jun 2 21:13:00 BST 2003

> Yes, there are more devices than just IR remote controls that could benefit
> from the infrastructure:
> - multimedia keyboards (PS/2 or USB, driven by keycodes)
> - USB HID devices (like the 'copy' buttons on scanners and 'snapshot' on
> webcams)
> - bluetooth remote controls (there are specal bluetooth devices to control
> presentations, so you would have commands like 'next slide')

add hot plug events to that.

this is all thue, however i'm not sure how extensive the khotkeys architecture 
is to allow such a generalised mapping; a plugin architecture seems like it 
should be considered for input events at least.

the architecture would have to support several new (to khotkeys) concepts 
including having multiple devices from a single plugin capable of sustaining 
their own states.

> I also wonder how it interacts with other IR software: while this IR
> handler is running, is it still possible to receive other data, for example
> using OBEX?

all other ir-rc software works fine - lirc provides a character device 
/dev/lirc, which any number of applications may connect to to receive ir-rc 
i'm not sure how this releates to obex or irda in general. i suspect they have 
no effect on each other unless they use the same hardware, in which case i 
suspect they're mutually exclusive. pure speculation though.

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