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Mon Jun 2 19:09:26 BST 2003

On Monday 02 June 2003 17:49, Scott Wheeler wrote:
> Would it make sense to merge this into KHotkeys?
> There you have DCOP binding configuration thingies and whatnot.

the dcop ui, and general infrastructure is more developed in kdelirc.

i have developed infrastructure such as application profiles to hide all of 
dcop from the user, and remote control profiles to hide lirc from the user. 
even if they want to use dcop, the argument entry and dcop browsing ui is 
substantially more advanced.

with this infrastructure, kdelirc is meant to be stable and of good ui for 
novice users pretty much now. looking at its dcop dialog khotkeys is 
apparently quite "power-user orientated" :-).

> IR control would seem to fit into the same family as hotkeys and mouse
> gestures... 

dcop and lirc are so powerful in themselves that (currently) any code the two 
projects could share would be fairly minimal.

infrastructure code that kdelirc relies upon (e.g. per-remote-control state 
switching), would currently be very hard (read: not worth doing) to fit into 
khotkey's design, since by design it doesn't appear to have any concept of 
input devices let alone being able to distinguish between input devices or 
even states of input devices.

at this current point in time, it would be a tremendous downgrade to port all 
the rc and ui features of kdelirc to khotkeys, and i have neither the time 
nor inclination to do it. it's entirely possible that for some features 
(parts of) khotkeys would need to completely redesigned.

in the future, should khotkeys become a general plugin-based input device 
->output action proxy program a remote-control addition may be useful. 
however i doubt very much that kdelirc would be useful in making such a 
module --- much of kdelirc's code is infrastructure joining the superb lirc 
interface to the superb dcop interface in the superb kde environment, and 
likely as not is mutually exclusive with that of khotkeys.

perhaps kdelirc has some potential of being a general plugin-based 
input-device->output action proxy program; i might even be tempted to add 
such functionality in due course.... ;-)

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