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Thu Jun 5 22:50:28 BST 2003

El Monday 02 June 2003 14:30, Gav Wood escribió:

Hello Gav,

I'm the author of finglonger, a similar application that was in cvs since 
February waiting for someone to help on its development. I suppose I can 
just remove it now :(

Anyway, I'd like to ask you a couple of things.
First, what happens if I start lirc after loging in KDE ? I'd say a restart 
of irkick is needed, but then it comes the second question:
how do I quit irkick ? the quit menu entry is disabled, so I cannot restart 
it alone, I have to logout of KDE and login again. Which isn't very nice.

> the actual subsystem contains two main projects; "irkick", implemented
> as a kded daemon and it acts as the ir-rc server and communicates via

I'd still prefer to have a real process which I can kill/restart/see CPU 
consumption/etc. easily.

> the whole code as it stands is checked in at kdenonbeta/kdelirc --- it
> would be cool to get it in a relevant kde package (perhaps kdebase or
> kdemultimedia) for 3.2.

I suppose kdemultimedia is fine.


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