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Wed Jul 16 22:29:10 BST 2003

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On Wednesday 16 July 2003 06:25, Russell Miller wrote:

> It is certainly the collective's right to decide who it wishes to
> represent it.


> However, the personal infighting that is beginning to show its face
> is positively reprehensible, and I am quite ashamed to see it rearing
> its ugly head here.

I am sorry to have caused confusion: I did _not_ intend to start a
'personal infighting' but just wanted to mention the fact that Don has 
prooven that he is not willing to accept the rules this company is based 
upon: mutual respect and fairness.

> This sniping does nothing whatsoever to build community.  And community
> is all we have.

Sorry, again.

This is no 'snipping' of mine but I am trying to prevent to have KDE 
represented by somebody that has _demonstrated_ not being willing to 
accept peer rules but trying to get his own rules followed to by nearly
all means - including slanter - only to gain maintainership of a project.

IM(not so)HO no project is worth to behave the way Don has done 
repeatedly - and I mean repeatedly.

Therefor forgive me for being such a pest but I cannot change my mind 
thinking that he should /not/ represent KDE.

Of course I know that this is only ONE voice: if it should turn out that 
the majority does not share my opinion I will accept this of course.

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