kdeinit_* updates in kdebase

Michael Matz matz at kde.org
Wed Jul 2 19:26:52 BST 2003


On Wed, 2 Jul 2003, Dirk Mueller wrote:

> > It's rather the necessary empty "lib_LTLIBRARIES=" lines needed for
> > am_edit (or better for automake) which are visually disturbing.
> Suggestions to avoid this visual disturbance are welcome.

That's the problem ;-)  I currently believe there is no easy way out,
except either a prepass before automake, or using unsermake, or going back
to brockenboring.  Personally I would be fine with simply ditching
automake support, and maybe Nove Hrady is the event to make that true.

> One variant would be to add dummy-entries that are ignored by unsermake
> and handled by am_edit, but I don't really feel like fixing unsermake
> currently.
> Something like
> KDE_KDEINIT = foobla
> bin_PROGRAMS = foobla
> lib_LTLIBRARIES = libkdeinit_foobla
> kde_module_LTLIBRARIES = foobla.la

Yeah, this again has the problem of too much redundancy, which was the
reason to introduce the kdeinit pseudo directory at all.

> foobla_la_SOURCES = ...
> foobla_la_LDFLAGS = ...
> foobla_la_LDADD = ...

Hmm.  Does this work with automake?  You defined no sources for the
libkdeinit_foobla target, and none for foobla.  I would understand if
automake would somewhen in the future warn about that, if it doesn't


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