kdeinit_* updates in kdebase

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Fri Jul 4 00:02:36 BST 2003

On Mit, 02 Jul 2003, Michael Matz wrote:

> That's the problem ;-)  I currently believe there is no easy way out,
> except either a prepass before automake, or using unsermake, or going back
> to brockenboring.  Personally I would be fine with simply ditching
> automake support, and maybe Nove Hrady is the event to make that true.

I don't mind either as long as unsermake is a full automake replacement: 
that means it supports all the automake/am_edit features, has documentation 
and comes with an easy installable tar.gz / src.rpm. 

> Hmm.  Does this work with automake?  You defined no sources for the
> libkdeinit_foobla target, and none for foobla.  I would understand if
> automake would somewhen in the future warn about that, if it doesn't
> already.

No, thats a documented feature of automake: it will synthesize a _SOURCES 
line with one source file (targetname.c). 


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