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I don't know what Stefans current ideas are and if he's working on something 
at the moment at all. But he did write a new "middleware" based on the 
experience he gathered while working with aRts. This would be a nice way to 
use any kind of sound system IF we get enough developers interested in 
learning it, using it, porting existing apps and libs and so on.

Stefan is still around but I guess he should comment on his status himself...

On Tuesday July 1 2003 14:17, Stanislav Karchebny wrote:
> > And I know some stuff in kdemultimedia/arts is maintained, as it was
> > recently moved there from kdenonbeta/arts after a bunch of development.
> > Working case-by-case we can avoid removing someone's work needlessly.
> BTW, Stefan Westerfield (?) was working on a "new sound system" (?). Is
> that true? Can I take a peek at the specs/code? Is Stefan at all around?

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