Arnold Krille kde at
Tue Jul 1 15:51:16 BST 2003

CC'ing Stefan to get his eye ;-)

On Tuesday 01 July 2003 14:17, Stanislav Karchebny wrote:
> > And I know some stuff in kdemultimedia/arts is maintained, as it was
> > recently moved there from kdenonbeta/arts after a bunch of development.
> > Working case-by-case we can avoid removing someone's work needlessly.
> BTW, Stefan Westerfield (?) was working on a "new sound system" (?). Is
> that true? Can I take a peek at the specs/code? Is Stefan at all around?

Afaik Stefan has some ideas for a new system called PortAudio(?). But as we 
stick to binary-combatibility until kde4 we have to support aRts. (unless 
someone writes a BC replacement;-)


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