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Fri Jan 31 02:44:13 GMT 2003

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On Thursday January 30, 2003 06:33, Rob Kaper wrote:
> On Friday January 31 2003 3:24 am, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > > Is anyone considering to merge all this into a single tabbing
> > > framework to be reused in applications? If people can't handle SDI,
> > > fine, but that's no reason for code duplication.
> >
> > But MDI Will always be code duplication from KWin.  Only way to avoid
> > that is to leave window management to the window manager.
> >
> > Last thing we need is a documented MDI system.  That'll just encourage
> > people to use it, and further break down KDE uniformity.
> You cannot force SDI on people though. We've tried to make that the
> preferred KDE behavior for years, but that didn't prevent the rise of
> tabs.

You can't force people not to do anything wrong, but that doesn't obligate 
you to help them.

> We can either decide to refuse MDI alltogether (and revert a whole lot
> of tabbing code) or accept MDI and extend the KDE core (I do agree that
> viewport management is probably best handled within the window manager,
> but I'm not sure if the netwm specs says) to handle it properly, or at
> least more properly than 4 different implementations would.

False dichotomy.  Another option is the current one:  Accept MDI as mostly 
hidden, non-default settings, added at the discretion of the app 
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