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Fri Jan 31 02:33:44 GMT 2003

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On Friday January 31 2003 3:24 am, Neil Stevens wrote:
> > Is anyone considering to merge all this into a single tabbing framework
> > to be reused in applications? If people can't handle SDI, fine, but
> > that's no reason for code duplication.
> But MDI Will always be code duplication from KWin.  Only way to avoid that
> is to leave window management to the window manager.
> Last thing we need is a documented MDI system.  That'll just encourage
> people to use it, and further break down KDE uniformity.

You cannot force SDI on people though. We've tried to make that the preferred 
KDE behavior for years, but that didn't prevent the rise of tabs.

We can either decide to refuse MDI alltogether (and revert a whole lot of 
tabbing code) or accept MDI and extend the KDE core (I do agree that viewport 
management is probably best handled within the window manager, but I'm not 
sure if the netwm specs says) to handle it properly, or at least more 
properly than 4 different implementations would.

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