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Fri Jan 31 02:24:42 GMT 2003

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On Thursday January 30, 2003 04:14, Rob Kaper wrote:
> There are currently three different tab implementations in KDE:
> Konqueror, Konsole and Kopete each have their own framework for tabs,
> with different keybinding shortcuts and different behavior.
> Is anyone considering to merge all this into a single tabbing framework
> to be reused in applications? If people can't handle SDI, fine, but
> that's no reason for code duplication.

But MDI Will always be code duplication from KWin.  Only way to avoid that 
is to leave window management to the window manager.

Last thing we need is a documented MDI system.  That'll just encourage 
people to use it, and further break down KDE uniformity.

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